Long Weekends. Simple Salads.

Long weekends can be…..long.  Long on hours, long on lazy, long on long islands, and sometimes not so long on good decisions.  Try this simple salad to kind-of / sort-of / maybe direct this week in a better direction.


A Kale Salad (version 1.0)

Lacinato Kale

Meyer Lemon

Sauteed Mushrooms (whatever kind, but oyster are divine)

Shallots (raw, or cooked with the mushrooms and garlic)

1. You know how to make a salad and sautee mushrooms, but just in case:

Mushrooms + Onions + Garlic + Olive Oil + Seasoning + med. Heat = Delicious.

2. While your mushrooms are cooking, roughly chop the kale and “ceviche” it by squeezing lemon on top. Turn the leaves so they all get some love.

3. Set the bowl aside, letting it wait on the rest of the party.  Your mushrooms should almost be done.

4. Combine greens and mushrooms in a simple bowl and drizzle your simple dressing atop.

5. It’s time to consider what else to consume.

(Thoughts on that: smoothies are nice)


1 tbsp Miso Paste (any flavor)

Chopped Garlic

A lot of Lemon Juice

A splash of fresh Ginger Juice

1. Put ingredients in a tiny mason jar.

2. Amounts? You want enough lemon and ginger juice so that the miso stirs into a very thick paste.  If things seem too dry, add a wee bit of water to thin.

2. Shake, shake, shake to combine the laziest dressing ever.

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