10 things: Summer Thrival (Part Une)

Guys. Summer is just around the corner.  How did that happen??

…we don’t know either, but in an effort to keep our excitement at semi-acceptable levels (yeah, right), we created a list of summer must-haves.

Call it a Summer Survival Guide – we do – or call it Best Ever, OR call it a list of excuses for stocking up on lovely things.

1. An oversized pitcher.  For the mixing of generous batches of summer-y cocktails.  Don’t bother getting fancy; a few squeezes of lime, some ice cubes, and your own spin is all you need.  Okay wait, add fresh herbs, though.  Muddle, mix, drink, repeat-repeat-repeat-repeat.

2. A cozy picnic blanket for lounging by the sea, for lazing on your porch, or for sprawling in the park.  Any patch of earth will be better for having this little pretty atop itself and under yourself.

3. Splurge-worthy Sea Salt.  Bring out the flavor in everything.  Optimal uses: grill time, tossing-over-the-shoulder-for-good-luck time, margarita time.

4. A Classic Panama Hat.  Keeps the sun off of that pretty face and never fails to look effortlessly chic (two birds, one stone).  Don’t be shy about cruising over to the men’s department to find this one.

5. A chic carry-all for weekend jaunts, trips to the beach, or to carry home all of that gorgeous haul from the farmer’s market.


6. A messy, beachy, easy go-to summer hairstyle.

7. A Paella Pan to park on the grill.  Try our recipe & be ready to fight for the good bits that stick to the bottom.

8. A sundress that you never, ever want to take off.

9. A set of just-for-summer dinnerware.  It makes  backyard/patio/porch dinners that last long into the night even better.

10. A retro-chic fan.  It’s cool.  But, really, it’s cool.

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