How To: Never Show Up Empty-Handed to a Party

Be it to say thanks for hosting a dinner party, a weekend stay, or a luncheon (will some please  invite us to a luncheon, already??), a lady never forgets (nay, she shouldn’t) to bring a little love for her host or hostess.  There’s no need to get fancy, or to spend a week’s paycheck, but a touch of gratitude goes a long way.  By way of example, a friend recently brought K a tote full of her favorite apples and it was the best thing ever.  For real.

 If you’ve grown bored of dashing to the corner market to pick up a bottle of wine on your way to the dinner party, here’s a little hostess-gift list for you to peruse.  Some require a bit of forethought, but they’ll also be well-loved & well-remembered.

Under $50

Your favorite cookbook (or any book, really) wrapped in a pretty tea towel.

Wine that keeps on giving.  Like this mini-subscription.

A well-stocked picnic basket for your host to enjoy with friends & loved ones.

Under $20

Herriot Grace’s beeswax salve.  lovely + functional.

A deck of Kate-Spade-made playing cards. chic + fun.

Fancy sundry items your host admires but wouldn’t shell out for his or herself.  Like this Meyer Lemon olive oil + this sea salt.

Under $10

A set of flour sack towels tied with twine  (add a sprig of something green for that little something extra)

A potted herb plant (most are under $5 and should last a whole season, if not longer)

Something homemade.  Like these gorgeous preserved lemons from Not Without Salt

Practically Free

Freshly picked flowers.

{like these darling Sweet Peas}

Bound with simple twine, or delivered in a mason jar.  Always lovely.  Always loved.

First image via Emerson Made 
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One response to “How To: Never Show Up Empty-Handed to a Party

  1. Love the Herb plant idea! That gift will keep giving! Also cause I swoon of kitschy stuff, the kate spade playing cards would totally be on my wish list! Great Guide!

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