What a Lovely Weekend

Here’s to a Few Days…

The weekend’s nearly here!  It’s like we’ve been dreaming about it since Sunday – and it’s only Wednesday – but a few more days will slip by like it’s no big deal.  Here’s a bit of what we’re looking forward to filling our non work hours with:

Handmade Carding

Lindsey has a silly affinity for only ever giving handmade cards.  No one {including her} knows where the predilection comes from, but most seem happy with her givings as they tend to be less ugly than what’s found at Hallmark {sorry, Hallmark…actually, does anyone even buy cards there anymore?}.

Therefore, L plans to get real busy with her stamp set, Micron pens, thick card stock, Prismacolors and sunshine

Katie, on the other hand, is fleeing west to her beloved California, juicing everything in sight (current obsession: 1 beet + 2 apples + 3 carrots), hitting up lots of favorite and much yearned for hometown restaurants, and celebrating her papa with loads of outdoor grilling.

{L’s advice on juicing: Add ginger.  Always add ginger. Even when you don’t think you want to add ginger….add ginger.}

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