Summer Style, East & West Coast Editions

We’ve conjured up a list full of classic summer goods which hail from our respective coasts.  

East Coast {by K}

1. Wear: Breezy white oxfords, shorts in Nantucket red, nautical striped everything & pearls (strands around your neck for happy hour and studs in your ears for frolicking in the waves).  And always (always!) a classic pair of Sperrys.  Kind of a must for East Coast summering (well groomed golden retriever not optional).  Pick up my favorite pair here.

2. Carry a monogrammed tote.  For carrying other monogrammed things (right? I’m still a new-ish transplant to the East Coast, but, as I’ve gathered so far, where there’s some monogram there’s more monogram) .  Find some classic ones here & here

3. Style IconJackie O at Hyannis.  As if it could have been anyone else.

4. Sip: Borrow a Pimm’s Cup recipe from across the pond  (ginger beer + citrus + cucumber + mint + strawberries is, unquestionably, summer in a highball glass)

5. EatA platter of East Coast oysters straight from the sea.  On ice.  With lemon.  On a patio somewhere.  Whilst sipping a glass of chilled sauv blanc.  We don’t care whether you’re wearing Lilly Pulitzer or jorts.  Just make it happen.

6. Listen:  Freelance Whales, Kid Cudi, Fun & there’s always room for some Biggie.

7. Hair: Fishtailed.  Or I don’t know, I live on the East Coast but my hair still wants to do its West Coast thing (and I indulge).

West Coast {by L}

1. Wear: basically everything from Tomboy Style -meets- Grace Potter‘s vibe -meets- that tribes of summer thing going on up in Topanga Canyon.  Also, Rainbow Sandals are always appropriate.  Jean shorts? Everyday.  Splurge? A Mikoh bikini.

2. Carry: a Rucksack or a random canvas tote. Simple, simple, simple.

3. Style Icon: For me, right now, Joan Didion.  I don’t want to look back on pictures and be like, “What was happening there?”

4. Sip: Mexican beers.  Or when you don’t want a beer (“hydration” or whatever) Watermelon Juice + Lavender Lemonade is absolutely unreal.  If I could only go with one source for the summer, though, it’d be whole coconuts.  Well, that or water kefir.

5. Eat: Anything light, fresh and soaked in lime + cilantro.  Or smoothies. Or a whole coconut (again).  Or tacos.  Or just straight guacamole.

6. Listen: there are two musical routes happening at the mo’ out here.  One’s this great point between just happy and feel good indie where they actually can play interesting music (The Lumineers), and the other’s hip hop that doesn’t feel like it’s going to kill you (Graffiti6).

7. Hair: Real messy and extra full of salt.  All the time.

Images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 //

6 responses to “Summer Style, East & West Coast Editions

    • Yay! We are both California girls but I (Katie) am living on the East Coast now (going on 4 years). As far as the fishtailing goes, you can come sit in front of the mirror and watch youtube videos and practice with me like I do eeevery day after work :)

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