Wisdom & A Cocktail {No. 4}

Scout Finch & Basil-Lemon Soda

 Since today’s lady is just a little lady, here’s a simple soda rather than a traditional cocktail.  Just add bourbon, though, and it becomes that traditional cocktail.

Mixing Up Your Drink


For Keeping Cool on Hot Alabama Nights*

1. Make basil syrup: bring a handful of basil + 2c sugar + 3c water to a boil.  Let boil gently for 5 minutes, then turn off the burner and let sit for 30-40 minutes.  Chill before mixing.

2. Mix your basil syrup with a splash of seltzer and a few squeezes of your favorite citrus.

3. Serve in a tall glass (a candy-striped straw is practically required).

*Or any night, anywhere.  Scout Finch lived in Alabama.  We don’t .  But if we did, we’d drink this everyday.

And savor young Scout Finch’s wisdom on life + the burdens of lady-dom:

“Aunt Alexandra was fanatical on the subject of my attire. I could not possibly hope to be a lady if I wore breeches; when I said I could do nothing in a dress, she said I wasn’t supposed to be doing things that required pants. Aunt Alexandra’s vision of my deportment involved playing with small stoves, tea sets, and wearing the Add-A-Pearl necklace she gave me when I was born; furthermore, I should be a ray of sunshine in my father’s lonely life. I suggested that one could be a ray of sunshine in pants just as well, but Aunty said that one had to behave like a sunbeam, that I was born good but had grown progressively worse every year….”

images & cocktail recipe via here & here

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