Wisdom & a Cocktail {no.7}

Back porches in the dead of summer when we’ve got high moons; lost june bugs who are turning into july bugs, but they’re really just trying to dance with fireflies; and here we are with an hour to sit and {for once} feel content with where we’re at {in life, most specifically…and most generally}

If you can, turn on music that makes you smile just a little {from the inside, behind your eyes and at the top of your heart, but it doesn’t come out…only just barely at the very corners of your mouth.  You know the kind}


{Image via Westervin}

Back Porch Basil Margarita

{for two..or one}

4 oz Peligroso Silver Tequila

5 oz Fresh Lime Juice

2 oz Agave

2 oz Water

8 large Basil Leaves

A Good Splash of Triple Sec

In a blender, pulse all your ingredients until they become one happy {if not drunk} familia.

Fill a shaker with ice, add the newly made basil mix, then mariachi dance all over until things are perfectly perfect.  Pour into two glasses {or one giant one}, find a back porch, and enjoy your well earned siesta.

ps – you can rim your glass with salt, but it’s mostly your call.  Also, that picture shows an experiment that involved Basil + Blueberries…and it was a good experiment.

Today’s wisdom comes from Costa Rica and their catchall mantra of ‘PURA VIDA’ or ‘pure life.’

Live with that as your compass and you’ll be alright.


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