Black Monday

So it’s still the middle of summer, and we know that summer is all about bright, airy, white, light-filled, beachy decor. Truth be told, we’ve caught ourselves spending more than a few hours these past months swooning over white couches and jute rugs and creamy linens and milk glass vases. But then we found ourselves falling totally, head-over-heels, crazy in love with BLACK. Taboo for summer, maybe. But undoubtedly chic and dramatic. And, perhaps best of all, the greatest compliment to summer white. So today we bring you our love song for the darker side of things.

We’re adoring this stunning kitchen, outlined in glossy black (we’d kill for that range)

& Jenna Lyons’ townhouse tub (those chevron floors are everything)

One black lacquer accent wall (via Elle Decor). Perfect backdrop for a glass & brass bar cart.

These black floors, the black tub, and heavy black mirror against stark white walls spotted on My Paradissi. Drama juxtaposed with sparsity. Where do we sign?

Head to toe black (the coat is made by Chloe, of course) — maybe it has something to do with this 100 degree heat, but we’re kind of itching to break out our fall clothing already

And of course, a classic LBD (from Edith A. Miller at Mohawk General Store) . . .

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