{August} What to Look Forward to This Month


A month which firmly belongs in the realm of long summer days and warm summer nights and yet which also signals the coming of Autumn.

Where we look forward to soaking up the last bits of summer:

spending as much time as possible with our toes in the sand

throwing linen button downs over bikinis & grabbing a pair of sunnies and calling it an outfit

enjoying lazy mornings on the couch – barefoot + a giant bowl of fresh berries & granola

planning summer soirees: glam campfires, backyard BBQs, and beachy bonfires

Eating as much fresh produce as humanly possible. And covering positively everything in lime and sea salt. Summer staples.

And yet we also start to get just a teensy bit excited about what’s around the corner:

trading in our sundresses for stacks of cozy knits

roadtrips through New England to see fall colors (yeeeee)

snuggling under gobs of blankets (by the fire maybe?*)

and let’s be honest – a break from this mammoth heatwave**

*K is MOVING. To a place with a working, wood-burning fireplace. So expect references to fireplaces approximately always (don’t say we didn’t warn you).

**We know . . . the grass is always greener. Come February and we’d give our left arm for some 100 degree heat

Images: 1 // 2 // 3

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