10 Things: Perfect Party Pintxos

We’ve been having something of a love affair lately with small plates.  Whether it’s because this mode of eating lets us try gobs of different things or just because tiny dishes are often so beautifully presented, we’re on board in a big way.

Pintxos = snacks typically eaten in bars, traditional in Northern Spain and the Basque Country*

Here’s a list of our favorites right now.  Perfect for serving one or two as hors d’ouevres or the whole bunch as a main.

1. Fried herb almonds {via CookLikeAChampion}

2. Fig, gorgonzola, and honey tartines {via Tartelette}

3. Roasted eggplant flatbread {via Annie’s Eats}

4. Grilled soft cheese with thyme, honey, and figs {via Not Without Salt}

5. Mediterranean stuffed baby eggplants {via Smitten Kitchen} – we use ground wild rice and ground soy protein instead of lamb; it’s divine

6. Grilled vegetable and wild rice salad {via Bon Appetit} – would be amazing in individual portions served up in a rammekin!

7. Mediterranean baked feta with tomatoes {via Smitten Kitchen}

8. Baked figs with goat cheese {via Sous Style}

9. Cheddar and apple hand pies {via Desserts for Breakfast}

10. Grilled prawns with garlic, lime, and basil {via us}

* Where K studied abroad.  Oh, the memories.

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