10 Things: Getting Crafty

We’re big admirers of the DIY crowd.  L definitely has the artistic genes in this blog family (K’s most accomplished projects involve Ikea instructions and battles with an Allen wrench).  Nonetheless, we both have high ambitions for becoming craftier.  Because, honestly, what’s better than saving $$ and feeling incredibly smug and self-satisfied at the same time?

So today we share with you the 10 projects on our To-Do lists right now.  In summary, we want to dip everything in gold glitter.  Sue us.

1. Glitter champagne bottles {via Style Me Pretty}.  How amazing would these be for a late summer soiree?

2. Sewing pattern flowers {via Country Living}.  So lovely in a simple white vase on a bedside table, or in a room that doesn’t get much light (where it’s tough for potted blooms to thrive).

3. Mercury glass pendant. Simply spritz glass with water then spray with Krylon “Looking Glass” spray paint and voila.  {image via Pottery Barn}

4. Lemon peel seedling starters.  {via Garden Hack}.  Organic, fresh, adorable.

5. Gold dipped glassware {via HonestlyWTF}.  So. f-ing. awesome.

6. Terrariums in every shape and size {one of K’s perpetual projects}

7. Glitter-dipped mason jars {via The Sweetest Occasion}.  This one is a must for NYE.

8. Vertical salad garden {via Instructables}.  Perfect for tiny spaces!

9. Vintage postcard invitations {via Country Living}.   Perfect for any occasion.

10. Putting together a grown up fort {via Design Sponge}.  We die.

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